CALIFORNIA POTTERY Museum for natural red clay Kumeyaay pottery art ollas artifacts photos and pictures of the Yuman Indigenous Peoples of California, Arizona and Mexico Native American Indians, galeria de Ollas.
Pottery Pictures


CONTEMPORARY Clay Pottery Art California Indian Ollas Photos

Indigenous Peoples of California Pottery Museum features the modern clay pottery Kumeyaay ollas of the Native American Yuman Indian peoples of Southern California, Arizona, Mexico.

Our extensive photography documentation of Native American tribal pottery artists includes online picture catalogs of their traditional and modern contemporary pottery art, including environmental portraits, lifestyle documentaries, and biographies of the pottery makers.

HISTORIC POTTERY of the Yuman Peoples Pictures

KUMEYAAY.INFO is currently building large, captioned photographic collections archives of rare, old, antique, ancient pottery ollas artifacts for its on-line Indigenous People of California Pottery Museum, including Pre Contact, Post Contact period clay pottery art of the tribes of Southern California.


KUMEYAAY.INFO is honored to feature the Native American pottery artists of the Kumeyaay-Pai Pai Indian community of Santa Catarina, Baja California, Mexico.

Our photojournalistic-style documentation includes the Kumeyaay-Paipai traditional lifestyles of these California Indigenous artists and their families, the traditional clay pottery they handcraft in the ageless traditional ways of the Yuman peoples.


KUMEYAAY.INFO is building extensive on-line Native American Indian museums on a variety of tribal subjects, including Rock Art and Cave Paintings, California Basketry, Indigenous Music, Weaponry, Dolls, Pottery, Museum Documentation (such as the Campo Kumeyaay Nation exhibit in the Smithsonian)...

THE ARTISTS Directory Guild:

A-to-Z listing of 50-plus working traditional California Indian Indigenous artists who handcraft authentic California Native American Indian Kumeyaay Baskets | Pottery | Ribbon Dresses | Beadwork | Bark Skirts | Gourd Art | Beaded Collars | Bows and Arrows | Arrow Heads | Lances | Horsehair Accessories | War Clubs | Cradle Baskets | Dolls | Basket Jewelry | Gourd Rattles | Sculptures | Spurs and Bits | Stone Tools | Net Bags | Herbal Soaps | Books | Music CDs | Videos.

Featured Native American tribal artists include: Cocopah, Mohave, Kumeyaay, Quechan, Paipai, Ipai Tipai, Kiliwa, Yavapai, Havasupai, Maricopa, Hualapai, Luiseño and Cahuilla Indians.

In many linked sections, there are photos and pictures of Native American tribal arts and crafts available for sale and information about the Indigenous artists who handcrafted the traditional California Indian items for sale.

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