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PEON! is a Kumeyaay Indian Native American game of the Southern California Indigenous tribes of Southern California, San Diego County, including the Viejas Indian Reservation, Jamul Indian Village, Sycuan Reservation, Luiseño - Peone Peon - is an ancient Native American gambling game played with pieces of white and black bones, sticks, blankets.

Peon is a very old if not ancient California Indian community game that involves traditional signing. Participants on one side hide under blankets and the other side gueses how they are holding the game pieces of bone and rawhide...a lot of singing of Peon songs take place during the Indian game.

Typically the traditional California Indian tribal game of Peone is played during Peon contests during traditional Kumeyaay fiestas and traditional gatherings, Yuman and Shoshoe Indian traditional gatherings, pow wows and will often be played around a campfire throughout the night during "heated" play and musical singing.


Jane Dumas' father, Ambrosio Thing, plays Peon in San Diego County, 1960s photos, Jane Dumas's mother, Isabel Thing, in background. Ambrosio Thing was a well known guide and translator for Erle Stanley Gardner on many of Erle Stanley Gardner's Baja expeditions. Jane Dumas' mother, Isabel Thing, was a Kumeyaay Native American medicine woman, healer in San Diego County.

Also pictured is Sam Brown, Kumeyaay, Viejas, and Tony Pinto, Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians.

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Jane Dumas family historical Kumeyaay family photographs Contributed by Daleane Dumas-Adams, Jamul Kumeyaay.
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