KUMEYAAY FIESTA Kumiai Native American traditional ceremony MOVIE bird singing bird dancing equestrian bonfire pyrotechnics of Indigenous people of California Free Native American CULTURAL MOVIES audio recording music CD DVD online.
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KUMEYAAY FIESTA traditional ceremony, San Antonio Necua annual fiesta, Baja California, northern Mexico, June 2005, audio music recorded multimedia CD DVD. Comunidad Indígena Kumiai, los indios indígenas de las fotos documentales de la forma de vida del photojournalism de México representan películas.

The Native American pyrotechnics and equestrian show are part of the Indigenous peoples of Southern California, the ageless traditional ceremony of the Kumeyaay Nation the aboriginal tribal communities of Southern California and northern Mexico.

The documentary film cultural movie short features Jon Mesa (aka Juan Meza) Kumeyaay, and Demetrio Pulido, Kumeyaay, La Huerta, bird singers; and bird dancing by the San Antonio Necua Kumiai Indians of Baja California, Mexico.

The Kumeyaay History of the Indigenous Kumeyaay Indians virtually proves the Kumeyaay Diegueño Yuman tribes have occupied the San Diego border area over 10,000 years. The Native American tribal cave painting petroglyphs featured in the beginning of this documentary movie was photographed in EL VALLECITO (near La Rumorosa, Mexico) in January 2005.


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STILL PICTURES documentary photo essays
about the Native American Indian communities of San Antonio Necua, San Jose de la Zorra, Santa Catarina, San Antonio Necua, Juntas de Neji, El Mayor, Baja California, Mexico, Kumiai Indino Mexican tribal village ejidos.

As a side note, the audio recording movie of rual Mexican Native speakers contains an interesting dialect strong accents of U.S.-Mexico border Spanish borderspanish, rural mountain Spanish mountainspanish, spanglish, Mexican Spanish mexicanspanish - unlike the traditional Spain Spanish, and the Mexico Spanish spoken in Mexico City.

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NATIVE AMERICAN ROCK ART SERIES ancient pictographs petroglyphs cave art pictures
rock sculptures of the Yuman Indigenous peoples of California pictrographs. Professional fotos of Kumeyaay Kumiai rock paintings hundreds and thousands of years old in Southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico.

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