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DEMETRIO PULIDO Kumeyaay Bird Singer

Demetrio Pulido, famous Kumeyaay bird singer from La Huerta, a Kumiai tribal community in northwest Baja California, Mexico, is pictured above performing traditional bird songs during the annual Kumeyaay Fiesta in San Antonio Necua, a nearby Kumeyaay Indian village.

The indigenous gourd instrument Demetrio Pulido is playing in his right hand is a Native American rattle.

KUMEYAY.INFO has a free movie video audio recording that documents the Demetrio Pulido performance, photographed in 2005 on location during the Necua tribal fiesta.

For a 2005 northern KUMEYAAY FIESTA photo essay:

beautiful large high resolution digital pictures of the 16th Annual SYCUAN GATHERING of the Kumeyaay Nation featuring California Indian Yuman bird singing and Native bird dancing, including top Kumeyaay gourd singers and dancers from southwest United States and northern Baja California, Mexico. Indigenous performers pictured may include the Diegueno Diegueño Kumeyaay Kumiai, Quechan, Cocopah Cucapa, Mohave, Pai Pai Paipai, Ipai Tipai, Hualapai, Kiliwa, Havasupai, Yavapai, Maricopa, Cahuilla, Luiseño Luiseno and Juaneno Juaneño Indians of the southwestern USA.

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