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SAN ANTONIO NECUA Kumiai Indian bird dancers Kumeyaay dancers and bird singers of traditional Kumeyaay songs sing and dance in the San Antonio Necua annual Kumeyaay fiesta, Baja California, northern Mexico, June 2005.

Hundreds of Kumiai Indians came to the annual San Antonio Necua Kumeyaay fiesta from the southern Kumeyaay Indian communities, including San Jose de la Zorra, La Huerta, Santa Catarina and Neji. One guest Kumeyaay family came from the northern Kumeyaay community.

In the old Kumeyaay tradition, the host Kumeyaay tribe prepares a great feast and feeds all Native American tribal members, all fiesta guests, including traditional family entertainment, for free.

For a 2005 northern KUMEYAAY FIESTA photo essay:

KUMEYAAY FIESTA -- Top 100 best professional pow wow pictures photos pics
beautiful large high resolution digital imagery of the 16th Annual SYCUAN GATHERING of the Kumeyaay Nation featuring California Indian Yuman bird singing and Native bird dancing, including top professional pow-wow dancers from across the United States, Canada, northern Baja California, Mexico. Indigenous performers pictured may include the Diegueno Diegueño Kumeyaay Kumiai, Quechan, Cocopah Cucapa, Mohave, Pai Pai Paipai, Ipai Tipai, Hualapai, Kiliwa, Havasupai, Yavapai, Maricopa, Cahuilla, Luiseño Luiseno and Juaneno Juaneño Indians of the southwestern southwest USA.

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