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Fausto Diaz, a young Kumeyaay man from San Jose de la Zorra, took the microphone and sang traditional Kumiai bird songs that he learned from... Fausto owns an Indian ranch in the San Jose de la Zorra Indigenous community and raises his four young children with his wife who is a famous Kumeyaay basket weaver.

Fausto Diaz has been racking up model and actor credits recently performing as a professional actor in the movie ..., which was filmed at ..., a hotel resort just outside of San Jose de la Zorra.

Fausto also starred in the movie KUMEYAAY.INFO video production, "Ewaa."

Fausto is available for acting and modeling jobs in the US and Mexico, but he currently does not have a SAG card. He speaks Spanish and Kumeyaay languages. He is very experienced with horses and is an expert rider.

Fausto is the brother of well-known Kumeyaay artist, Eva Salazar.

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