VINTAGE OLD ANTIQUE MUSEUM rare aboriginal flutes of the California Indians, authentic ancient elderberry flutes and cane flutes of the Native American Kumeyaay-Diegueno Indians of Southern California. Page and photo contributed by GBALLARD.


A modern flute maker holds one of his museum replica California Indian elderberry flutes at his fingertips and compares it with the RIVERSIDE MUNICIPAL MUSEUM collection of old antique "Diegueño flutes"of Southern California that curators and museum records date to the late 1800s and early 1900s.

These rare museum flutes mimic the true Pre-Contact aboriginal style flutes of North America that the historic California Indians handcrafted into a wooden tube with four-to-six holes to control the sound (and no mouthpiece or block).

Needless to say, this ancient flute style is not the so-called "plains-style" flutes we see in today's Indian stores and mainstream Native American-theme entertainment.

In fact, the true authentic Pre-Contact aboriginal flutes are tuned to ancient musical scales, and without a block and mouthpiece, they are so difficult to play that even the best modern flute players find them impossible to play.

The California Indian genuine "elderberry flute" is tuned in the ancient scales and represents the Rosetta stone of aboriginal North American music. It represent the true Native American flutes that were originally played by Indians in North America prior to European contact.

NOTE: This Kumeyaay flute section is UNDER RE CONSTRUCTION.

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Please see this movie for an indigenous- aboriginal-style short elderberry flute song musical video introduction of a southern Kumeyaay Indian village documentary.

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