Kumeyaay Paipai Santa Catarina Adobe Home

Teresa Aguiar lives on the top of a mountain in the Indigenous Kumeyaay Paipai community of Santa Catarina, Baja California, Mexico with her sister, Manuela Aguiar. Teresa's family is well know for their Native American pottery, basket weaving, doll making, and agave fiber carrying net bags.

In this picture, Teresa enters one of the home of her brother, Selso Aguiar, on her mountain ranch.

I sepia toned the picture to illustrate the feeling I got from what appeared to be a mismatch of time and place in the 21st century.

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To buy purchase authentic Santa Catarina Paipai Kumeyaay Indian arts and crafts, please visit the Shumup Ko Hup "Dream Come True" Indian store in Old Town State Historic Park, San Diego, California.

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