Kumeyaay basketweaver Virginia Melendrez weaves a coiled juncus basket in her kitchen next to the heat of the burning wood stove.

The basket is coiled split juncus on a bundled split juncus foundation. It is being constructed with undyed juncus (tan), juncus dyed black with oak bark and rusty metal, undyed basal juncus (reddish-brown). She has been working on this basket fulltime for about two weeks.

To buy purchase this Kumeyaay Indian artist's authentic San Jose de la Zorra Kumeyaay Indian baskets basketry, her traditional arts and crafts, please visit the Shumup Ko Hup "Dream Come True" Indian store in Old Town State Historic Park, San Diego, California.

San Jose de la Zorra Kumeyaay Indigenous community online documentary, Kumeyaay photos pictures of Kumeyaay basketweavers, basket weaving, overall documentary style photo documentation of the village inhabitants, habitations, living conditions.

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