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EAGLE FEATHERS Native American Powwow Photography

Eagle feathers set off the spectacular Northern Traditional Dancer pow-wow regalia of Bo Young Bear, Seminole-Montauk of the Seminole Tribe of Florida (on his father's side), and Shinnecock Montauk tribes of Long Island, NY (on his mother's side).

Bo Young Bear is the 2005 Head Northern Man Dancer for the Sycuan 16th Annual Pow Wow, pictured here during a Native American dancing exhibition.

Bo Young Bear's tribal regalia has an incredible amount of sacred eagle feathers, including large eagle feather bustle, eagle feathered shoulder decorations, beaded ceremonial staff with eagle feather fan and eagle feather blossom, and eagle feathered headdress.

The extremely ornate Native American regalia includes custom beaded moccasins, jewelry, bone collar, buckskin and cloth fringe, and comes to life through fanciful details embellished into brightly-colored unique tribal art motifs.

Bo Young Bear's saying is:

"Dance Hard, Sing Good!"

I took this picture of Bo Young Bear at a 2008 San Diego pow-wow, the American Indian Cultural Festival in Balboa Bark. Bo Young Bear was dancing in the Balboa Powwow Grand Entry and is pictured holding up some type of beaded ceremonial lance spear staff war club arrow with tribal colors beaded motifs, accented with animal fur, buckskin fringe.

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