Coiled Rattlesnake Picture...


Kumeyaay Indian basket art of Aurelia Ojeda Melendrez, Kumeyaay Native weaver from San Jose de la Zorra tribal village in Baja California, Mexico, holds one of her masterpiece rattle snake juncus basket trays or winnowing plates for a picture.

The snake photo captures a large coiled rattlesnake in black-dyed juncus with its serpentine tongue out and flashing in a bed of natural tan juncus displaying full body patterns. The big fat rattlesnake looks like it's been eating too many rabbits or wood rats.

The Indigenous California Yuman Indian basket weavers have been weaving this type of tribal basket art with aboriginal tribal art and design motifs for thousands of years in southwest USA, North America.

Yuman and Shoshonean basket weavers known for weaving fine coiled juncus include Quechan, Maricopa, Paipai Pai Pai, Kiliwa, Cochimi, Kumeyaay Kumiai Diegueño Ipai-Tipai Diegueno-Kamia, Cocopah Cucapa, Mohave, Hualapai, Yavapai, Havasupai, Lusieño Luiseno-Kawia, Juaneño Juaneno, Cahuilla, Gabrielino, Chemehuevi, Serrano, Shoshone Indians.

A fine handmade basket like this is truly a unique gift idea and investment that will appreciate in value over the years, along with a beautiful natual brown patina.

Diameter: 14 inches
Height: 1.5 inches
Materials: Juncus, Black Dyed Juncus, Deergrass Foundation

Basket Maker: Aurelia Ojeda Melendrez, Kumeyaay, San Jose de la Zorra, 2005

Authentic California Indian baskets large made to order rattlesnake baskets may be purchased from Shumup Ko Hup Indian store and Native American gift shop located in Old Town, San Diego. Basket pictures by G BALLARD, San Diego

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