ANYONE who knows anything about Kumeyaay basket weaving in Southern California knows about master basketweaver CELIA SILVA and her family of famous Kumeyaay basketweavers in San Jose de la Zorra, an indigenous Kumeyaay community rancho in Baja California, Mexico.

Basket Maker: Celia Silva, Kumeyaay, poses for a picture outside her home with her new coiled juncus star basket she handweaved in San Jose de la Zorra, 2006

Celia Silva has been weaving Kumeyaay baskets for over 70 years, and is the mother of well-known Kumeyaay basket weavers: Virginia Melendrez, Gloria Castañeda. Celia Silva is the sister of Concepcion Silva.

Celia Silva, a Kumeyaay elder and Kumeyaay Native language speaker, has taught her Kumeyaay basket weaving techniques to modern Kumeyaay weavers including famous Kumeyaay basket weavers like Eva Salazar...

Celia Silva Photos Loading...
CELIA SILVA Pictures are featured in the SAN JOSE de la ZORRA Native lifestyle documentary.

Celia Silva Young Pictures....
Kumeyaay elder Celia Silva takes a picture with one of her young Kumiai granddaughters.

Kumeyaay baskets may be purchased from Shumup Ko Hup Indian store and gift shop located in Old Town, San Diego. Photo by G BALLARD, San Diego.

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