BAJA CALIFORNIA Cultural Language Event, Indigenous Native American Indian speakers, dancers, storytellers of Baja California, Mexico, Indios. Video tape DVD movie documentary excerpts at the San Diego Natural History Museum, Southern California, free Native American Indian CULTURAL MOVIES online audio recording music CD DVD of Native speakers singing storytelling and dancing.
Digital restoration and editing by Gary G. Ballard, San Diego WEBSITE


Native Americans of northern Baja California, Mexico, Pai Pai, Kumeyaay, Kiliwa, Native speakers, dancers, storytellers like Benito Peralta, Kumeyaay, and Alvino Siva, Cahuilla, at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum, Southern California, circa 1994.


Gloria Castañeda, Kumeyaay
Maria Emes, Kumeyaay (farewell song)
Juan Alvañez, Pai-Pai (story, singing)
Margarita Castro, Pai-Pai
Juan Aguiar, Kumeyaay
Josefina Ochurte, Kiliwa/Pai-Pai
Inocencia Gonzalez, Cocopah
Juan Bernardo Aldama, Kumeyaay
Benito Peralta, Pai-Pai (PaiPai-Spanish translator)
Manuela Aguiar, Kumeyaay/PaiPai
Alvino Siva, Cahuilla (guest bird singer storyteller)


Mike Wilken


Jean Baptiste

Video begins with a Native American story spoken in Pai Pai language,and bird singing, about the origin of the first Kumeyaay Yuman style grass hut, translated into Mexican Spanish, and USA English in front of live audience.

Movie includes an honoring song for the elders by Alvino Siva, Cahuilla Indian, a well known bird singer and storyteller.

Audio visual recording ends with a Native American farewell song and dance by Maria Emes, Kumeyaay.

THIS MOVIE IS ONE OF A SERIES OF NATIVE AMERICAN DOCUMENTARIES PICTURES PHOTOS MOVIES on the Kumeyaay Indian communities of San Antonio Necua, San Jose de la Zorra, Santa Catarina, Baja California, Mexico, Kumiai Indinos.

This Indian movie contains 20 minutes of movie video - this is a 70 megabyte .mov file!

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