KUMEYAAY MAP 1836-1842 Kumeyaay Attacks Mexican San Diego

This Mike Connolly Miskwish, Campo-Kumeyaay website history map graphic "Kumeyaay Attack Ranchos and Coastal Lands 1836-1842" details the encroached Kumeyaay territory and the Mexican controlled coastal San Diego, California, 1836 thorough 1842.

This historical map graphic is being used by the KUMEYAAY.INFO website in its Kumeyaay Maps and Kumeyaay History online sections.

Five more MIKE CONNOLLY MISKWISH Campo Maps may be accessed here.
These five historical Kumeyaay maps detail Kumeyaay points of history:

• The arrival of the Spanish in San Diego 1769
• The Spanish expansion into Kumeyaay Indigenous tribal territory 1798
• The maximum extent of Spanish control in San Diego 1822
• The Kumeyaay attacks on the Spanish to regain their lands 1836-1842
• The Treaty of Santa Ysabel 1852

Historical Maps
highlight Kumeyaay points of history, the arrival of the Spanish, the Spanish expansion into Kumeyaay Indigenous territory, the Kumeyaay wars with the Spanish and Mexican invaders to regain their Indigenous tribal lands and stop abusive aggression, the Treaty of Santa Ysabel, the California Genocide and California Mission periods, including the current Kumeyaay bands of Native American Indians in Southern California and northern Mexico.

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