CALIFORNIA NATIVE AMERICAN Bows and Arrows Documentary professional pictures photos pics images, field museum research why how to information about expert Indian bow makers bows and arrows archery of Alta California.
Andres Albanes, Kumeyaay - PaiPai Indian archer bow maker, Santa Catarina indigenous community, Baja California, Mexico, 1990s.


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KUMEYAAY.INFO is thrilled to feature the photographs and research of PAUL D. CAMPBELL, a dedicated field researcher, writer and photographer who is well known among the national and international museum community for his important work on the California Indians. Paul is a virtual authority on traditional California Indian survival techniques, having established personal relationships with countless traditional Native American elders in Baja and Southern California, documented and researched their ageless survival and hunting methods in the California high deserts, coastal, river and mountain areas.

Mr. Campbell has just released his newest book, EARTH PIGMENTS AND PAINT: MEANING AND TECHNOLOGY.

This fully-researched book will include all facets of Native California pigments and paint, including physical, social, spiritual — in great detail — and reveals about how the Indians turned yellow pigment red, and how the aborigines made blue from white gypsum and black charcoal, and it will give many other recipes for Indian paint.
The book will also discuss the origin of CAVE ART in California and will include the latest atomic accelerator testing of the ancient pigments used by California Indians for eons.

Native American Bows & Arrows Arrowheads original content courtesy of PAUL D. CAMPBELL, provides KUMEYAAY.INFO guests with an experienced field researcher's look into how the Native American California Indians made their rare hard to find willow bows, specialized hunting arrows, hardwood arrowheads, and stone Indian arrowheads for hunting, target and sport shooting.

From start to finish, Paul Campbell documents Kumeyaay Kumiai and PaiPai Pai-Pai Indians gathering the raw natural materials, shaping, constructing and using the primitive weapons of the original California inhabitants, including how to gather natural indigenous bow-making materials like black willow, owl feathers fletching redtail hawk sinew. Includes step-by-step instructions how to make an Indian bow in one day.

For Paul's complete how to make information about aboriginal primitive museum-grade Indian bows, arrowheads and arrows making, including detailed history about California Native American bows arrows, please see his highly-recommended book:

BUY THIS BOOK NOW on Photos and text courtesy of Paul D. Campbell, author of SURVIVAL SKILLS OF NATIVE CALIFORNIA, where the KUMEYAAY.INFO excerpted material was originally published. Paul's book features living (and deceased) Native American California Indigenous people of the greater San Diego area, and details their traditional weapons used for hunting and aboriginal survival methods...Paul's book is available for sale at Shumup Ko Hup Indian store WEBSITE HOWKA.COM

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Native American bows, arrows, fletching and arrowheads in this California tribal bow section are about primitive hunting and war weaponry of the Yuman and Shoshonean Indians of Southern California, northern Baja CA, Mexico, and southwest Arizona. These aboriginal weapons include the bows and arrows of the Kumeyaay Kumiai, PaiPai, Quechan, Maricopa, Mohave Mojave, Ipai Tipai, Kiliwa, Yavapai, Havasupai, Hualapai, Indigenous peoples of North America; including the Luiseño Luiseno, Serrano, Juaneño Juaneno, Chemehuevi, Gabrielino and Cahuilla nations.

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