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Ray Sandoval Jr., Sycuan Kumeyaay Nation -- Raymond "Swift Hawk" Sandoval Jr. -- represented the Sycuan Kumeyaay Band as HEAD YOUNG MAN during the 16th Annual Pow-Wow and Traditional Gathering, on the Sycuan Indian Reservation near San Diego, California.

Ray Sandoval Jr., 13, is the son of Raymond Carlos Sandoval Sr., Kumeyaay, and the grandson of Anna Prieto-Sandoval, Kumeyaay. Ray's great grandmother is Ada Prieto, Kumeyaay, and his great, great, great grandfather is Sycuan Tribal Chief Hillemeup.

Young Ray Sandoval says his Grandmother Anna often tells him, "Our people suffered and worked hard for what you have today, be grateful and embrace our heritage and honor our culture."

"I am proud to be her grandson," Ray Jr. added.

-Quotes from the Ray Sandoval Jr. biography in the Sycuan 2005 pow-wow magazine.

Pow wow and Photography Sponsored by:

The Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation.

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