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PROFESSIONAL DANCER Eagle Feathers Regalia

A North American Native American Indian professional pow-wow dancer Steve Garcia is pictured in a traditional dance pose during a 2006 Grand Entry at the annual Sycuan powwow and traditional gathering on the Sycuan Indian Reservation pow-wow arena.

The Native American male dancer is photographed wearing a beautiful display of ceremonial eagle feathers headdress fan bustle, a real eagle head mounted onto a Native American ceremonial staff, beaded moccasins, some kind of animal skull with teeth tucked into a beaded pouch, brass armband and silver jewelry, red cloth, and long flowing natural buckskin fringe, including tribal face paint exhibiting three white painted dots below each eye.

Powwow and Photography Sponsored by:

The Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation.

PROFESSIONAL DANCE PHOTOGRAPHY and creative graphic design by G. BALLARD.

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