Kumeyaay basketry, mission basketry of the California Indians.


Kumeyaay basketry art of the Kumeyaay Nation was featured in the Shumup Ko Hup "Dream Come True" pow-wow booth, including hats, caps, plates, trays, bowls, granaries, earrings, pendants, necklaces, containers.

The pictured authentic coiled juncus Kumeyaay baskets and basket jewelry are typically constructed with natural, undyed split juncus (tan), juncus dyed black with elderberry leaves and stems, undyed basal juncus juncos (reddish-brown) and peeled split sumac on bundled deergrass foundations.

These types of fine coiled juncus Kumeyaay baskets -- more commonly known as mission baskets or California Indian baskets -- can take an experienced Kumiai weaver weeks or even months of full-time weaving to complete. New coiled baskets of this size and motif will sell for hundreds of dollars, while the older baskets sometimes sell for tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the artistic qualities and who weaved them.

INVESTING or collecting Kumeyaay baskets is like pursuing any other fine art investment:

1) Ask around WHO are the best basket weavers (doing BASKET MASTERPIECES).
2) Then LOOK into what pieces they have for sale (and buy them up!).
3) There is also the FUN of discovering the next great artist (and helping them along).

The California Indian basket art pictured above was hand weaved -- using traditional methods, and traditional materials -- by the aboriginal Kumeyaay basket weavers of SAN JOSE DE LA ZORRA, Baja California, Mexico. These dedicated Indigenous artists earn their living through this tedious, but rewarding work, and depend on your support to be able to work and keep the craft alive.

Also pictured (behind Mickey, Kumeyaay) is a large willow granary basket, handmade by Janet Salazar, Kumeyaay.

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The Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation.

BASKET PHOTOGRAPHER writer web site designer digital production artistry by Gary G. BALLARD U.S.A. San Diego California.

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