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Susan Ann Whatoname-Rocha (Hualapai Tribe of Arizona), Native of Arizona, a female Southern California Indian dancer is pictured dancing in a southwestern Native American powwow traditional gathering wearing a handmade custom beaded collar and earrings, feather fan, and traditional ribbon dress with colorful California Indian shawl.

Susan said in an exclusive KUMEYAAY.INFO interview:

"I have introduced my grandsons to our Tribal Culture.  As you can guess I stay very busy educating my grandsons in the different realms of culture. We have been to Sycuan four years in a row.

"The beaded cape I wear reflects the breast of the Eagle. All the designs that you may see on other capes are from the areas that they are from. I make my capes and others as well. This something that I have learned from my mother and grandmothers both sides.

"We have the privilege to have 1.1. million acres to call our home. I have started my own business in Cultural lectures and spiritual."

Powwow and Photography Sponsored by:

The Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation.

CALIFORNIA INDIAN DANCING PHOTOGRAPHY writing website design and digital imagery by Gary G. BALLARD San Diego California USA.

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