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New Pai-Pai Indian ollas (pottery) were set on top of a pile of natural red clay dirt for a photo in an on-line tutorial instructions for how to make traditional Native American pottery ollas from gathering the red dirt to coiling to pitfiring the finished ollas.

Hold mouse cursor over picture to rollover closeup of red clay dirt.

Special red clay or red dirt was gathered from the Santa Catarina desert in Baja California, Mexico, and spread out on blankets to cure red clay dirt in preparation to prepare it for making the moist red clay used in traditional California Indian pottery.

The special red dirt represents the raw product, and the finished ollas represent the finished pottery product.

The special raw red clay dirt was collected and is mixed with water, coiled and shaped by hand, and pit fired in the traditional Yuman Indian way as it has been for thousands of years in California.

To buy purchase these authentic Californ Indian clay pottery pit fired pottery, please visit the Shumup Ko Hup "Dream Come True" Indian store in Old Town State Historic Park, San Diego, California.

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