Indian Articact Pictures


These authentic old California Indian paviut wands staffs artifacts are as pictured (photographed through the display glass) in the RIVERSIDE MUNICIPAL MUSEUM in Riverside California.

These genuine Native American paviut wands staffs are relics specimens from the tribes of Cahuilla, Luiseño Luiseno, Diegueno Diegueño, including the Kumeyaay Indigenous peoples of Southern California and northern Baja California Mexico.

The handle on the large paviut wand is made of natural obsidian.

From the Riverside Municipal Museum placard:

PAVIUT WANDS or staffs were presented to boys following their initiation into manhood. They were personal property, which could be decorated, traded, sold, or given away. They were sometimes used as payment for ceremonies or reciprocal gifts for food. These wands are from the Cahuilla, Luiseño, and Diegueño tribes. Variations include paint, alone set in asphaltum, an obsidian blade, and carved designs.

Native American California Indian paviut artifacts contributed by the RIVERSIDE MUNICIPAL MUSEUM, Riverside, CA.

Photo illustration by G BALLARD, San Diego

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