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Benito Peralta, Pai Pai, a well-known Indian storyteller and expert on California Native American traditional culture, pinches an arrow lightly between his index finger and thumb as his index and tip of middle finger draw the bowstring in a so-called "pinch grip" during a how to properly shoot a primitive Native American bow.

Paul's book includes an illustrated section on How to Shoot an Indian Bow with professional photographs of several experienced Native American bow hunters demonstrating their archery techniques; including Yahi, Chumash, Yuman, Kumeyaay, Pai Pai styles.

Benito (deceased) has also been referred to in other publications as being Kumiai or Kumeyaay Indian.

For Paul Campbell's complete documentaries on Indian bow makers, including detailed history on who makes California Native American bows arrows, how to make authentic Indian bows arrows like the California Indian master bow makers, please see his highly-recommended book:

Photos and text courtesy of Paul D. Campbell, author of SURVIVAL SKILLS OF NATIVE CALIFORNIA, where the KUMEYAAY.INFO excerpted material was originally published. Paul's book features living (and deceased) Native American California Indigenous people, and details their traditional weapons used for hunting and aboriginal survival methods...Paul's book is available at Shumup Ko Hup Indian store WEBSITE HOWKA.COM

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