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Wild California Sage

Common name: White Sage / California Sage
Scientific name: Salvia apiana
Kumeyaay name: Pellytaay / Pestaay
Spanish name: Salvia

Sweetwater River Watershed access road (Old Highway 80). Companion plants, deerweed, seed stalks, (nothing else like it) silica calcium iron (orange) south-facing hill.

This wild California sage patch near Alpine, Calif., appears to be thriving in rural San Diego County backcountry. The sage plants' long dead seed stalks are a sure sign of sage plants and how to spot and locate natural sage growing wild in Southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico. Pictured growing alongside this wild sage are companian plants, natural yucca plants and decomposing granite boulders, good indicators that wild sage is growing naturally in the area.

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