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Ceremonial Sage Wands

Natural-grown organic California White Sage leaves are hand picked, dried, rolled into WANDS, and tied in a traditional Yuman style. Surviving Yuman Indians today include California indigenous tribes of Kumeyaay Kumiai Diegueño Ipai-Tipai Diegueno-Kamia; Cocopah Cucapa Cocopa; Mohave Mojave; Hualapai; Yavapai; Havasupai; Quechan; Maricopa; Paipai Pai Pai; Kiliwa; Cochimi.

The California sage pictured in this beautiful high-resolution photograph was harvested and dried in a wild Southern California natural sage field and prepared for bulk commercial wholesale distribution in the U.S.A. by www.buffalosage.ca.

Native American Smudging

For generations -- perhaps thousands of years in southwestern Southern California and northwestern Baja California, Mexico -- indigenous Native American peoples have burned California White Sage (Salvia apiana) in traditional ways known as smudging . Smudging in a Yuman Indian-style is where a person sets fire to the dried sage leaves, gets the sage leaves smoking smouldering, and then fans the sage smoke around his body and face, and around selected areas in the immediate environment.

Photo/page/design by G. BALLARD


California White Sage is held sacred by traditional Native American Indians who use its smoking leaves in spiritual, religious, healing, prayer, funeral, and celebratory ceremonies.

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