ABOUT CALIFORNIA NATIVE AMERICAN face paint documentary professional pictures by Paul D. Campbell museum research on line tribal motifs designs why how to information about Yuman Indians for southwest USA, North America.
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Mohave Mojave male and female Indian face painting illustrations interpretations by reseacher Paul D. Campbell (four of 120 illustrations included in Paul's book).


Face paint of California Indians: All Mohave women. The Mohave gave their patterns names like rainbow, coyote teeth, yellowhammer belly, butterfly, atalyka leaf, bent over, hatsiratsirk, hotahpava, tatsirkatsirka. These patterns could be in either red or yellow. (Adapted from Kroeber, 1925.)

Note: These illustrations and writing are parts of Paul D. Campbell's newest book, EARTH PIGMENTS AND PAINT OF THE CALIFORNIA INDIANS: MEANING AND TECHNOLOGY. This fully-researched book includes all facets of Native California pigments and paint, including physical, social, spiritual — in great detail — and reveals how the Indians turned yellow pigment red, and how to make blue from white gypsum and black charcoal, and it gives many other recipes for prehistoric Indian paint. The book also discusses the origin of CAVE ART in California, and the latest atomic accelerator testing of the ancient pigments used by the California Indians.

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Also, please see Paul Campbell's other book about California Indians, now in its second publication:

BUY THIS BOOK NOW on amazon.com Photos and text courtesy of Paul D. Campbell, author of SURVIVAL SKILLS OF NATIVE CALIFORNIA, where the KUMEYAAY.INFO excerpted material was originally published. Paul's book features living (and deceased) Native American California Indigenous people of the greater San Diego area, and details their traditional hunting, weapons and aboriginal survival methods...Paul's book is available for sale at Shumup Ko Hup Indian store WEBSITE HOWKA.COM.

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