California Indians Cave Painting Yuman


Kumeyaay Kumyai Kumiai Native American Indian pictographs tribal rock art cave paintings, relics estimated to be centuries old, EL VALLECITO (near La Rumorosa, Mexico), January 2005.

Pictured area details an eight-foot section of a large ceiling mural pictrograph.
Photographer was lying on back filming low ceiling with 35mm equivalent of 28mm lens.
Camera: Nikon D70 Photos NEF, Adobe Camera RAW format.

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The pictures and writing in the linked section are parts of Paul Campbell's newest book (unreleased), EARTH PIGMENTS AND PAINT: MEANING AND TECHNOLOGY. His fully-researched book will include all facets of Native California pigments and paint, including physical, social, spiritual — in great detail — and will reveal how the Indians turned yellow pigment red, and about how they made blue from white gypsum and black charcoal, and it will give many other recipes for Indian paint. The book will also discuss the origin of CAVE ART in California, and the latest atomic accelerator testing of the ancient pigments used by the California Indians.

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