PENCIL CACTUS Kumeyaay Indigenous plants of the California Indian tribes of Baja California Mexico, professional pictures photos pics images of Native California plants and their aboriginal uses. Pictures/Page/Design: GARY BALLARD


This Kumeyaay indigenous plant appears to be a large desert Pencil Cactus (the short
reddish bushes in the background are flat-top buckwheat).

The wild cactus was photographed February 2006 in the rural mountain desert Kumeyaay
Indian community of La Huerta, Baja California, Mexico.

As soon as more information is learned about this indigenous plant and how the Kumeyaay
Indians may have used it, the information will be added alongside the picture photo image pic....

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professional hihg-resolution pictures gallery of the plants and herbs used by indigenous Native American California Indian tribes of southwestern Southern California, features California white sage used in ceremony, yucca used for fiber and lotions, buckwheat used for medicinal teas, natural juncus uses for California Indian basketweaving.

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