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The main Aldama home is half adobe brick and half plywood, and again, the property looks very clean and well kept with an abundance of live oak trees.

The Kumeyaay house has no wired electricity, no pluming, and no electric lighting — other than the small solar panel which charges a car battery that will run a 15-watt bulb or small appliance for a while.

Notice the smoke stack that attaches to a wood-burning cookstove which is used for cooking and heating, and the makeshift TV or radio antenna (whatever that's about).

Also forget about washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, ice and jumping into a hot shower like we all take for granted — this ranch is old world and the makeshift houses are types of homes the Kumeyaay are living in the 21st Century in Baja CA Mexico.

Ah, and the restroom el baño here still means taking a walk to the old outhouse.


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