CALIFORNIA INDIGENOUS LANDS SERIES on the Kumiai Kumeyaay Indian tribes of Baja California, Mexico.
Photos/Page/Design: GARY BALLARD


Even in this crappy photographic lighting — the absolute beauty of these Indigenous aboriginal Kumeyaay lands is seen in this pictorial landscape pictured on the Aldama ranch in rural La Huerta, Kumiai tribal community in northwest Baja California, Mexico.

This photo was taken February 2006. The native scenery shows a very dry winter countryside with reddish flat-top buckwheat, Indian oak trees, and large indigenous rocks.

ARCHEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE in the Southern California and northern Baja California where this photo was taken suggests the Kumeyaay Indians have lived in this area for thousands of years.

The indigenous land appears to have survived in this beautiful natural state because of its remoteness. There is very little trash in the area, and the Aldama family appears to be excellent keepers of the land.

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