These are gigantic MULTI MEDIA websites that are getting over 40 million hits a year (2012).

Our high-resolution photos and video movies may have problems loading on slow Internet connections — the solution is to give the pictures time to load or get broadband (cable, satellite or DSL). We are hosted with webmasters.com in Florida (USA). Any problems may be temporary anomalies with hosting servers or data routes between your computer and Florida.

Our large movies will REQUIRE the Apple® QuickTime® player DOWNLOAD FREE for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.


If you want your picture removed, or
• If you want to add text or links to your pictures, or
• If you want to correct errors, misrepresentations, omissions in the webmaster's writing.

After reading our USER AGREEMENT please visit the http://www.kumeyaay.info and the www.gballard.net websites.

If you need further help or want to comment, please EMAIL the webmaster, Gary G. Ballard, directly.

Light, washed out looking pictures, or

If you are using a Mac computer (and my pictures look washed out), your monitor is profiled at 1.8 gamma — the fix is to set your monitor gamma to 2.2.

If my pictures look super saturated, especially in the REDS), you are using a wide-gamut monitor — here is the problem explained and how to fix.

I publish only sRGB on the Web and embed ICC profiles in very few images — if you are opening photos off my websites in Photoshop® the correct move will be to ASSIGN sRGB profile to see my professional true color.

I RECOMMEND USING FIREFOX and setting its FULL COLOR MANAGEMENT Value 1 for the best color experience.


FIREFOX BUGS FIREFOX - MOZILLA has intermittent BUG problems with custom actions used in this portfolio.

If you get "CONTENT ENCODING ERROR The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression" please report the error to FireFox, then use any other Web browser like SAFARI (Mac & Windows), GOOGLE CHROME (Windows & Mac OS-X), CAMINO (Mac), OPERA (Mac OSX, Windows, Solaris, O/S2, Linux, FreeBSD i386, BeOS), and of course Microsoft EXPLORER (PC). This BUG is specific to FIREFOX and is discussed HERE on adobe.com.


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